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Inspection Programs

Residential Inspection Program:

The Residential Inspection Program is part of an annual inspection program in order to both satisfy the requirement of the California Health and Safety Code Section 13146.2 and to assure all multifamily dwellings, hotels, and motels in our district are inspected for appropriate fire and life safety.


Educational Inspection Program:

The Educational Inspection Program is part of an annual inspection program in order to both satisfy the requirement of the California Health and Safety Code Section 13146.3 and to ensure all public and private schools are inspected for appropriate fire and life safety.


Engine Company Inspection Program:

The Engine Company Inspection Program is part of an annual inspection program in order to provide our local firefighters with crucial, first-hand knowledge of the businesses they serve so that in the event of a fire or emergency, they are prepared to operate smoothly with foreknowledge of the layout, utility locations, and potential hazards that may be present at a given business. It also provides an opportunity for business owners to learn about fire and life safety practices to keep themselves, employees, and customers safe.


For Fire Protection Equipment Contractors:

Fire protection equipment must be serviced as indicated in their appropriate standards like NFPA 25: Stand for the Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of water-based fire protection systems. Compliance helps maximize system integrity to avoid failure and ensure fast, effective response in a fire emergency.

When completing the annual maintenance of these systems, please submit your completed report to The Compliance Engine. It will then be reviewed by a fire protection specialist for compliance with the applicable standards and you will be notified if it is accepted or you will be asked for additional information.


Licensed Facilities

Fire Clearance for State Licensed Facilities:

Fire clearances are required by the Health and Safety Code prior to initial licensing or before any changes to a licensed facility can be approved by the State, such as increasing the number of clients. State-licensed care facilities require a fire safety inspection (or fire clearance) to be conducted by the local fire authority. Facilities requiring these inspections include day care, residential care for the elderly or disabled, health care facilities or drug/alcohol rehabilitation facilities.

Pre-Inspection for Fire Clearance:

Prior to your application to a State licensing agency, you may request an optional pre-inspection to help you identify any possible changes needed to meet the requirements for your facility. An Plan Review Application, along with site and floor plans, is required, in addition to the applicable fees.

Group R-3.1 Guide - Applicable to businesses with 6 or less clients for purposes such as Congregate Living Health Facilities, Foster Family Homes, Group Homes, Intermediate Care Facilities for the Developmentally Disabled, Habilitative Intermediate Care Facilities for the Developmentally Disabled, Nursing Nurseries for the full-time care of children under the age of six, but not including “infants” as defined in CBC Section 202, Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly, Small Family Homes, and Residential Care Facilities for the Chronically Ill.

Submittal Requirements:

Prior to scheduling an inspection, complete an Plan Review Application with the following attachments:

  • Prior to a fire clearance inspection, a completed State of California Fire Safety Inspection Request (STD 850 form) must be received by this office from the state agency. (NOTE: The STD 850 form is NOT required for a Pre-Application Inspection.) Must be within 6 months of inspection request.
  • Dimensional site plan showing all buildings on site, access driveways, setbacks from property lines and distances between buildings. Include fenced areas and exits to the street.
  • Floor plan of the building that shows all rooms, interior and exterior doors, windows, bedrooms, common use areas, attached garages, etc. Indicate the use of each room on the plan.
  • Number and location of client bedrooms. Please specify how many clients are ambulatory vs. non-ambulatory and the location of their respective bedrooms. (Residential Care Facility only)
  • Location of any ramps for all interior and exterior changes in elevation for all exit paths, including slope, handrails, guardrails. (Residential Care Facility only)
  • Information and location of all smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, fire alarm pull station/bell, fire sprinkler system riser/inspectors test valve/Fire Department Connection (FDC), fire protection water tank and hydrant, if applicable.

Please submit to Fire Prevention Bureau located at 330 S. Main Ave., Fallbrook, CA 92028.