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Public Education

The goal of Public Education is to coordinate provision of fire and life safety information to the public from pre-school to senior citizens.

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Remembering When - A Fire and Fall Prevention Program for Older Adults

Available to our senior citizens, individuals may request a home visit to check for fire safety and smoke alarm installation and battery status. Contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at (760) 723-2010 to schedule your free visit.

Ready, Set, Go!

The Ready, Set, Go! Program seeks to share information with residents on what they can do to successfully prepare for a wildland fire. Speak with your local fire department about your area’s threat for wildland fire and learn more about the wildland urban interface (WUI). Fire season is an increasing threat and a year-round reality in many areas. Do your part to be prepared. The RSG! Program gives you simple, easy to follow tips. For more information, please visit Ready, Set, Go!