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Weed/brush & illegal dumping complaints

Use the following weed/brush hazard complaint to report a hazardous weed/brush complaint or call the Fire Prevention Bureau at 760-723-2034. For all other illegal dumping and solid waste complaints please refer to this list of helpful phone numbers for various local and County services.

Fallbrook Helpful Phone Numbers.pdf

Please be mindful that property owner notification and if necessary, forced hazard abatement is a lengthy, costly, and time consuming process that can take 60-90 days, so we ask for your patience in working with our neighbors to mitigate these hazards. 

If you have received a Notice to Abate Hazard per NCFPD Ordinance 2000-01, please comply with the instructions noted and call 760-723-2010 if you have any questions. If you need professional assistance in removing weeds, brush,or debris, please refer to the list of abatement contractors below:

Weed Abatement Contractors

Please visit the following link on fire, defensible space and you for a complete guideline on complying with our weed and brush management standards. if you have not already done so, you need to register your phone with AlertSanDiego and develop your wildfire preparedness plan by visiting